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"Extract of a letter from Dr. Carey to Dr. Ryland, dated December 30th, 1816; received July 10, 1817."  Boston Recorder.   Vol. II, no. 47 (November 18, 1817):196.

In this letter extract, Carey reveals an illness (i.e., "fever") he suffered at age 56.  In addition, he was "still under the operation of mercury for a dysentery."  In expectation of the biblical promise of threescore and ten years in Ps. 90:10, Carey--at age 56--says "I have at least fourteen years' labor still on my hands;  how long it may please the Lord to continue me, I cannot tell, but his will be done."

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R. D. Woodall.  "Friend and Helpmate of William Carey: Anniversary of John Fountain."  The Christian.  No. 3998 (September 12, 1946):8.

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