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George Smith.  "CHAPTER VIII. CAREY'S FAMILY AND FRIENDS. 1807-1812."  In  The Life of William Carey, D.D.: Shoemaker and Missionary.  (London: John Murray, 1885).

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William Carey's Legacy Page

William Carey Welcomes Serampore Relation, 1970s

Shown in this photograph with Dr. Ralph Noonkester, President, William Carey College, Mr. Banerjee, an employee of Serampore College, served as an administrative intern at William Carey during the 1970s.

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Carey Center Museum and Research Collection--Student Interns

This web page catalogs all of the students who have worked in the Carey Center since its inception in 2000.

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"William Carey and the Great Commission" Page


Photograph of Dr. Timothy George, Lecturer, William Carey Lectures, 1993

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