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Baptist Missionary Society 150th Anniversary Celebration Stamp Issues

Rev. William Ward Stamp Issued for 150th Anniversary of the Baptist Missionary Society     

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Biographies Page         and       Reference Page 

                                                          (The Bengal Obituary)


William WardThe Bengal Obituary.  (Calcutta: J. Thomas, Baptist Mission Press, 1848), pp. 343-345.

Hannah MarshmanThe Bengal Obituary.  (Calcutta: J. Thomas, Baptist Mission Press, 1848), p. 345.

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Biographies Page

Reference Texts Taken from:

 The Baptist Encyclopedia.  Edited by William Cathcart.  2 Vols.  Rev. ed. 

(Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1883).


John Bunyan.    Vol. I, p. 159    Vol. I, p. 161

Joseph Ivimey.  Vol. I, p. 588

James G. Pike.  Vol. II, p. 921    Vol. II, p. 922

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Digital Library


August Gottlieb Spangenberg, An Account of the Manner in Which the Protestant Church of the Unitas Fratrum, of the United Brethren, Preach the Gospel, and Carry On Their Missions Among the Heathen

(German edition, 1780; English translation, London: H. Trapp, 1788)

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Gazetteer and Maps Page


Languages of India, 1859

Published in the Baptist Magazine for 1859 to accompany "The Languages of India" [pp. 173-177]. 

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Philately and Numismatics Page


Baptist Missionary Society 150th Anniversary Celebration Issues

(Rev. William Ward appears as "Stamp No. 13")

Rev. William Ward     

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Portraits Page


William Ward as Portrayed in the Baptist Magazine, 1817

William Wilberforce

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John Bunyan, (1628-1688), English Baptist Minister and Author of Pilgrim's Progress, a Devotional Classic

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Joseph Ivimey, (1773-1834), English Baptist Minister, Author of a Biography on John Bunyan, and the four volume,  A History of the English Baptists

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Reference Page 

(The Bengal Obituary)


Monumental inscriptions on Serampore tombs as recorded in The Bengal Obituary (1848):

    William Carey        Joshua Marshman        William Ward        Hannah Marshman        John Mack

    Dorothy Carey       Charlotte Emelia Carey        Grace Carey        Felix Carey

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