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Carey 250


"Rev. Dr. William Carey, 250th Birth Anniversary of the Founder of the Agri Horticultural Society of India."  AHSI Hortinews, 1 (December 2011):2, 4-5, 16.

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"Expect Great Things . . ." Page


Leighton and Mornay Williams, eds.,  Serampore Letters, Being the unpublished correspondence of William Carey and others with John Williams, 1800-1816.  With an introduction by Thomas Wright.  (New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1892), p. 9.

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Portrait and Engravings Page


John J. Pool (Late of Calcutta), Scenes and Stories from the Land of Idols (London: Ward, Lock, & Bowden, Ltd., 1894).

    Ascetic at Kali Temple, Calcutta

    Brahma Bull and Zebu

    Brahmins at the Sacred Ganges

    Brahmins at Prayer

    Captain Cook Memorial, Hawaii

    Fakirs and Penitents in India

    Low Caste Indian Woman

    Santal Woman

    Street Barber in India   

    Washing in the Sacred Ganges   

    Women of Varied Castes in India

    Worship of the Sacred Ganges

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