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June 2007


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Scenes of India in the Early 1830s

This link includes twenty-four images from various locations in India.

[added:    June 1, 2007]


William Carey, D.D. (1769-1846)

Sometimes confused with William Carey, D.D., the Baptist missionary to India, this is an image of William Carey, D.D., most frequently remembered as the headmaster of Westminster School and, later, Anglican Bishop of Exeter and St. Asaph.

[added:    June 5, 2007]


Rev. Joseph Belcher, b. 1794

Early biographer of William Carey, Belcher was born in Birmingham, England, and later served as pastor of Baptist churches in Canada and the United States.

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Bengal, 1853

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William Carey's Legacy Page


Serampore College Welcomes William Carey University Faculty Member, Fall 2006

This page features Dr. Howard Keever, Professor of Music, William Carey University, who taught music in Serampore College during the fall term of 2006.

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