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William Carey:  Founder of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India

"Address respecting an Agricultural Society in India.The Friend of India

(1820, Serampore, India)

"Appendix.  Prospectus of an Agricultural and Horticultural Society in India.Transactions of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India

(1829, Serampore, India)

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Gazetteer and Maps Page


Wiltshire, England, 1787

    (J. Cary map)

Derbyshire, England, 1787

    (J. Cary map)

Leicestershire, England, 1787

    (J. Cary map)

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India, 1858  (very large file)

The Bengal Presidency, 1858 (very large file)

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Portrait Gallery Page


Kettering Parish Church, Kettering, England, 1843

(Anglican Church built in the 14th - 15th centuries)

Kettering Parish Church Nave, Kettering, England, 1843

(Anglican Church built in the 14th - 15th centuries)

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Lord Robert Clive

Governor, Bengal, 1755-1760; 1764-1767

Charles Marquis Cornwallis

Governor-General, British India, 1786-1793, 1805

The Right Hon. the Earl of Minto

Governor-General, British India, 1807-1813

Lord William Bentinck

Governor-General, British India, 1828-1835

Major General Sir Henry Havelock

Husband of Hannah Marshman (daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Marshman)

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Warren Hastings

Governor-General, British India, 1774-1786

Sir David Baird

Discovery of the Body of Tippoo Saib at Seringapatam, India, May 4, 1799

Last Effort and Fall of Tippoo Sultan

Seringapatam, India, May 4, 1799

The Right Hon. Lord Metcalfe

Lord Minto's Deputy Secretary, 1809-1810

Deputy-Governor of Bengal, 1833-1834

Provisional Governor-General, British India, 1835-1836

Richard, Marquis of Wellesley

Governor-General, British India, 1798-1805

The Right Hon. Lord Amherst

Governor-General, British India, 1823-1828

Arthur Wellesley, Field Marshal His Grace Duke of Wellington

British Commander against Tippoo Sultan at Mysore, India, 1799

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Calcutta, The Esplanade

Monsoon at Calcutta

An Indian Swinging Ceremony


Mohammedan Festival of the Mohurrun

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