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Portraits Page

A Hindoo Female, 1836

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Carey's Cottage and School (View 2)

Carey Distributing Books in India

Christian Villagers in Serampore

Serpent Worship

Praying to the River (Ganges)

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Hindu View of the Universe

Kali, Hindu Goddess

Indian Ironworkers

Iron Torture--Hindu Devotion

Walking on Coals--Hindu Devotion

Arm Sacrifice--Hindu Devotion

Body Sacrifice on Iron Bed--Hindu Devotion

Neck Sacrifice--Hindu Devotion

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South West View of Northampton, ca. 1770

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Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg

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William Ward, Serampore Trio Member

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Rev. William Ward (1769-1823)--Pioneer Baptist Missionary, printer extraordinary, and Serampore Trio member

(conceived and created by Ronald Ellis, Derby, England)

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