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March, 2001


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Arthur C. Chute, William Carey, A Sketch of Beginnings in Modern Missions

(published in 1891, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)

[added:  March 11, 2001]


Arthur C. Chute, John Thomas, First Missionary to Bengal, 1757-1801

(published in 1893, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

[added:  March 11, 2001]


Helen Barrett Montgomery, Following the Sunrise: A Century of Baptist Missions, 1813-1913

(published in 1913, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

[added:  March 22, 2001]


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February 28 - March 31, 2001


Bible Translations Page


Oriental Alphabets Based on Sanscrit

[added:  March 21, 2001]

The Most Ancient Alphabets

[added:  March 21, 2001]

Ancient Alphabets of Various Languages

[added:  March 21, 2001]



Gazetteer and Maps Page


India, Bengal Presidency, 1831

[added: March 8, 2001]


Northamptonshire, 1840

[added: March 20, 2001]


India, 19th Century

[added: March 20, 2001]


Portrait Gallery Page


Widow Wallis House, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, 1906

(site of the establishment of the Baptist Missionary Society) 

[added: February 28,  2001]


William Carey at his Desk with Brahmin Pundit (Mrityunjaya)

(1853 version of the American Baptist Publication Society)

[added: March 6, 2001]


Charge of the Highlanders before Cawnpore (Kanpur), under General Havelock

(Sir Henry Havelock (1795-1857), who led British troops in resisting the India Mutiny in 1857, was baptized by John Mack at Serampore on April 4, 1830). 

[added: March 8, 2001]


Edmund Burke, British Member of Parliament, Political Philosopher, and Instigator of Warren Hastings' Unsuccessful Impeachment in 1787

(click here for a biography of Burke; Warren Hastings served as the British Governor-General of Bengal, 1772-1785, and he held the view that English standards of morality and law should not apply to Indian affairs.  For portraits of Hastings, click here.)

[added:  March 21, 2001]


Calcutta View from the Esplanade (ca. 1850)

[added:  March 21, 2001]


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