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Timothy George, "William Carey and the Great Commission," The Carey Vision 2/1 (Spring 1993):6-7.

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Bogue, David.  "Objections against a mission to the heathen, stated and considered."  A Sermon Preached at Tottenham Court Chapel Before the Founders of the Missionary Society, 24 Sep. 1795.  The First American Edition.  Cambridge: Hilliard and Metcalf, 1811.

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William Paley Page

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William Paley, D.D., Evidences of Christianity (London: W. Clowes and Sons, 1851),   Part I     Part II     Part III  [Adobe PDF version]

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The Carey Center acknowledges Michael Madden, Beenleigh, Australia, for his work in transcribing Paley's work.






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