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George Smith.  "CHAPTER I. CAREY'S COLLEGE 1761-1785. The Life of William Carey, D.D.: Shoemaker and Missionary.  London: John Murray, 1885.

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William Carey at Fifty   

William Carey's Birthplace      

Carey's "College," Hackleton   

Carey's Cottage and School, Piddington

Birthplace of England's Foreign Missions, Kettering, 1885  

First Mission House in North India, Dinajpoor

Danish Lutheran (now Anglican) Church, Serampore, 1885

Plan of Serampore on the Hoogli

The First Brahman Who Preached Christ

Carey's Christian VillageóBaptism in the Tank 

Christian Villagers, Serampore 

Krishna Chandra Pal, The First Convert

Henry Martyn's Pagoda, Aldeen 

Sheev Temple, Serampore

The Serampore College

Native Divinity Students, Serampore College

Carey's Official Residence and Back of the College

Carey's Tomb 

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Supporters of the Center


"Collection Gathered by Carey Faculty" (large jpg file)

The Cobbler  48/7  (December 2003):Masthead.   

The Cobbler  48/7  (December 2003):1A.  

The Cobbler  48/7  (December 2003):3A.

Written by the managing editor of the William Carey College student newspaper, The Cobbler, this is a two-page story about the growth of the Center's collection of materials.

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