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Sophie Bronson Titterington, "The Dawn in England" and "Beginnings in America," in A Century of Baptist Foreign Missions, An Outline Sketch (Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society, 1891), pp. 7-19.

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J. L. Tichenor, "William Carey," Lagrange College Magazine.  III/3 (August 1892):5-9.

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"Succinct analysis of the contents of . . . 'Remarks on the State of Agriculture, in the District of Dinjpur.  By W. Carey.'  In The Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal.  16 (April-August 1810):384-387.

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Postcard of the Calcutta Museum (ca. 1950s)

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Burial Epitaphs in the Carey Library and Research Center

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Carey Hall, Birmingham, England (ca. 1915)

United Missionary Training College for Women, Selly Oak, Birmingham

Women's Missionary Association Training Center, Baptist Missionary Society

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