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Carey's Life and Times: 1761-1834

William Carey's Legacy Page


Carey Family Tree (large PDF file)

Genealogy Produced by the Carey Family Association

Courtesy of Mike Comber, Horsham, West Sussex, England

[added:    August 11, 2003]


Digital Library Page


Sir George Cornewall Lewis.  Speech of Sir George Lewis on the Introduction of the Bill for the Better Government of IndiaIn the House of Commons, on Friday, February 12, 1858.  London: James Ridgway, 1858.

[added:    August 7, 2003]

Philately and Numismatics Page


Newark, Nottinghamshire, Token for One Penny, 1811

Obverse Detail, Edge Inscription:  "Newark Token for One Penny, 1811"

Reverse Detail, Edge Inscription:  "The Current Value Payable in Cash Notes" Centered text:  "T. Stansall, Charles Moor, Richd Fisher, Wm Fillingham, Wm Readett,  T. Wilson"

[added:    August 5, 2003]



William Carey's Legacy Page


European and American Missionary Societies in India, 1872

[added:    August 12, 2003]

Population, Languages, and Native Christians in India, 1872

[added:    August 12, 2003]

Missionary Societies' Stations, Bengal, India, 1872

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