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Herbert, Rev. William.  Biographical Notice of the Rev. William Carey, D.D. of Serampore.  Newcastle: T. & J. Hodgson, 1843.


[John Clark Marshman].  Biographical Sketches of Joshua Marshman, D.D. of Serampore.  From "The Late Dr. Marshman," in The Friend of India (December 14, 1837).  Newcastle: Emerson Charnley, 1843.


John Fenwick.  "Biographical Sketch of Joshua Marshman, D.D., of Serampore."  Newcastle Chronicle.  Newcastle Upon Tyne: Emerson Charnley, 1838; reprint ed. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Emerson Charnley, 1843.


[John Clark Marshman].  Obituary Notice of the Life and Ministry of the Late Reverend John Mack of SeramporeFrom "The Late Revered John Mack," in The Friend of India (May 8, 1845).   Newcastle: T. & J. Hodgson, 1846.

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