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Listed below are maps related to the life and work of William Carey.  

The World in 1772

The World in 1873 Showing Baptist Missionary Society's Labor

(for a smaller version of this map, click here)

Northamptonshire, England

Northamptonshire, England (Detail)

Northamptonshire, England, 1787

(J. Cary map)


Wiltshire, England, 1787

(J. Cary map)


Derbyshire, England, 1787

(J. Cary map)


Leicestershire, England, 1787

(J. Cary map)

Northamptionshire, England, 1793, when William Carey Left for India

Northamptonshire, England, 1803

(John Aikin map, England Delineated, 1803)


Northamptonshire, England, ca. 1840

(J. Archer, Pentonville, London)


Northamptonshire, 1840

(with railway routes)

England and Wales, 1660-1892

The Moguls Empire divided into its principal Governments, 1767 - Indostan Bengal

     and   Enlargement of the Bengal Portion


The Extent of the British Empire, 1837

Upon the Accession of Queen Victoria


The Extent of the British Empire, 1897

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria

India under Governor General Warren Hastings, 1774-1786

India, 1785

India, 1787

India, 1804

India, 1810

India, 1819

A Map Illustrative of the Baptist Missionary Stations; And of the Countries in which the Translations of the Scriptures In the Different Eastern Languages are Spoken: Carrying on by the Missionaries at Serampore (1819)


India, 1822

Exhibiting the extent to which it Various Languages are Spoken according to the best information for the seventh Memoir of Translations conducted by the Serampore Missionaries

India, 1824

India, Bengal Presidency, 1831

Bengal, 1853

India, Bengal, 1853 (very large color file)

India, 1858  (very large file)


The Bengal Presidency, 1858 (very large file)

India, 19th Century

India, 1857

The Indian Empire, ca. 1881

(Sir William Wilson Hunter)


India, 1892

British India, 1889

The Mouth of the Ganges, 1802

Published in January 1, 1802 by J. Luffman, London, this map illustrates the Ganges, the Hoogly River, Calcutta, and Fort William.


The Mouths of the Ganges in the Bay of Bengal

Published by Thomas Jefferys in the late 1750s, this map illustrates Bengal at the time of Carey's birth in 1761.


Calcutta, 1838

Drawn by A. H Dufour, engraved by Desbuissons, and published by Renouard, Paris.


Calcutta and the Ganges River, 19th Century

Detail of the Hooghly River and Fort William College

in Bottom Left Inset


Calcutta Detail, 1901 (large file)

Detail of many icons during Carey's life shown at the height of the British Raj.


Languages of India, 1859

Published in the Baptist Magazine for 1859 to accompany "The Languages of India" [pp. 173-177]. 


India Map

Missionary Stations of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1892


India Map (Detail)

Missionary Stations of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1892,

in and Around Calcutta


Christian Missionaries' Work in Bengal, India, ca. 1905


Christian Missionaries' Work in Northern India, ca. 1905


Political Map of India Showing Christian Mission Stations, ca. 1900

(for a smaller version of this map, click here).


India in Relation to the Size of Pennsylvania, 1921


Baptist Missionary Society Map Showing Prevailing Religions of the World, 1873

(for a smaller version of this map, click here)


Races and Religions in India, ca. 1900

(for a smaller version of this map, click here).


Christian Missions in the World, 1825


The World, 1907


Site of Salem Baptist Church, Mississippi Territory, 1798


Mississippi Territory and Spanish West Florida, 1798


Mississippi Territory, 1806


Mississippi, 1819


Mississippi at Formation of First Baptist Convention, 1824


Mississippi at Formation of Mississippi Baptist Convention, 1836


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