William Carey and Missions

Who Are the Baptists? (India and Burma)

Baptist World Alliance Presentation of Carey's Mission


"The Man Who Wouldn't Give Up," ChristiantiyToday.com

Mark Galli

"The Star in the East: the Controversy over Christian Missions to India, 1805-1813."

Historian (Spring, 1998)

Karen Chauncey


"The Containment and Re-Deployment of English India"

(a treatment of Rev. Claudius Buchanan)

Siraj Ahmed


"Mission and Ministry: Christian Medical Practice in Today's Changing Culture"
David VanReken
Evangelism and Missions Information Service of the Billy Graham Center
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

William Carey's Contributions to World Evangelization
(from Carey Baptist Church, Calcutta, India)

William Carey's India Mission
Church of South India International Page

"William Carey's Amazing Mission"
Christian History Institute

"1792--The 200th Anniversary: Lessons from William Carey for the 90s"
   by Paul A. Beals

Friends of Serampore

"The Life and Work of Adoniram Judson, Missionary to Burma" (Carey is mentioned)

"William Carey, Postmillennialism and the Theology of World Missions"
    by Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher

"Carey's Struggles for Missionary Work,"

An Excerpt from Thomas Armitage, A History of the Baptists (1890)

Piper's Notes

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Missionary E-Texts Archive Historical Writings by, about and for Missionaries--David Brainerd 

   (an influential American missionary that Carey had read)


Missionary E-Texts Archive Historical Writings by, about and for Missionaries--Henry Martyn 

   (Anglican missionary to Bengal)