Dissenting Sites in Kibworth, England

Leicester and Kibworth, England, 1787

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Photographs & text below, Courtesy,

Mr. Norman Harrison

Kibworth History Society




The White House 1897

The White House is on the main A6 Leicester Road through Kibworth.  It was to the rear of this cottage, formerly the Old Crown Inn, that Philip Doddridge had his Dissenters' Academy in the 1720s.  Doddridge moved on to Market Harborough and later to Northampton.  The barn also to the rear of The White House was used for Non-Conformist worship from the very early 1700s until 1759 when the barn burned.  A new brick chapel on a nearby site replaced the barn brick chapel. 


Click  here for a description of Philip Doddridge from the Kibworth History Society


Click here for a special memorial plaque celebration from 13 April 2013 for Philip Doddridge.



Congregational Chapel 

Although extended in later years, the Congregational Chapel was built in 1759 to replace the burned barn. The Chapel was closed for worship at the end of the 20th century, and is now a private house.  However, the purchasers were required to retain the internal memorials, including one to Philip Doddridge and the pulpit, etc.



The Old House

Built in 1678 by the Parker family and used as a Dissenters' Academy/School from 1743 for several years.





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