"$300 Reward."  Hanover Herald, IV/25

(Saturday, December 8, 1838):1

This article in the Hanover, Pennsylvania, newspaper, Hanover Herald, indicates that Thomas B. Turner, of Charlestown, Jefferson County, Virginia, was offering a $300 reward for the return of his 19 year old slave named "William Carey."

At the time of this American slave's birth in 1819, Dr. William Carey of Serampore was 58 years old, but Dr. Carey had been deceased four years at the time of the publication of this reward offer in 1838.

Of note and an irony of history, Dr. William Carey was an abolitionist, and had participated in the sugar boycott of Jamaican slave-produced sugar.  A fellow Baptist, Rev. William Knibb, of Kettering, England, effectively campaigned against slavery in Jamaica.

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