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The purpose of this page is to display some of the longstanding effects of William Carey and the Serampore Trio on the people of India and other lands.   The Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834) is pleased to present the following pages that chronicle an honorable and memorable tradition of service in Carey's beloved India.

Dr. Rebekah Naylor, Continuing William Carey's Legacy
William Carey University, Chapel Address
November 30, 2022

Lal Behari De.  Searchings of Heart in Connection with Missions in Bengal.  An Address Delivered at the United Monthly Missionary Prayer-Meeting Held on the 6th of December, 1858, in the Union Chapel, Calcutta.  Serampore: Printed at the "Tomohur" Press, 1858.  [Lal Behari De, 1824-1892, was a convert to Christianity through the ministry of Rev. Alexander Duff at The Scottish Collegiate Church School, Kolkata.  In this address, De reviews the difficulty of Hindu and Islamic conversion to Christianity and the manner in which Christians should interact with Hindus and Muslims.]

258th William Carey Birthday Celebration

256th William Carey Birthday Celebration



A radio interview of the Carey Center's Co-directors in preparation to the 256th Birthday Celebration of Dr. William Carey, August 17, 2017; also discussed were the repairs to the Carey Center collection and building after the tornado damage on January 21, 2017.

The Carey Center interview begins at 21:50 on this MP3 recording.


William Carey - Hudson Taylor - Adoniram Judson - Adoniram Judson Threatened

The World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians occurred in Washington, DC, May 10-13, 2017.  Before the Summit, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association presented “Persecution & The Gospel," a TV broadcast on April 1, 2017. The TV broadcast later appeared in segments at the World Summit, and featured the four images above from the Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834).


Sir John Laird Mair Lawrence, Viceroy and Governor-General of India, 1863-1869

A signed, January 25, 1868, document in which Lawrence extolled "Ward, Carey & Marshman."


Serampore College - Bicentenary, 1818 - 2018


William Carey Window

First Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

In Memory of

In Loving Memory of

Photo, courtesy, Dr. Jason Coker


Jerry and Bobbye Rankin, "William Carey Lecture," William Carey University Chapel, September 7, 2016


Rev. Dr. George Howells (1871-1955)

Principal of Serampore College, 1906-1929


Day Lilies on the Campus of William Carey University

Photographs of some contemporary lilies that link the flora of William Carey University to the botanical interests of Dr. William Carey.


Dr. Dipankar Haldar -- Guest Lecturer at William Carey University, November, 2015


Images of Dr. William Carey's Legacy, Serampore India

Photographs, Courtesy, Dr. Ravi Tawari


Radio Interviews about Dr. William Carey on New Day Café – Stories of Great Christians, WMBU, Moody Bible Radio, Forest, Mississippi

    Part 1--April 28, 2015

    Part 2--April 29, 2015


Carey Hall, Birmingham, England (ca. 1915)

    United Missionary Training College for Women, Selly Oak, Birmingham

    Women's Missionary Association Training Center, Baptist Missionary Society


Central Baptist Church, Leicester England


Dissenting Sites in Kibworth, England


"$300 Reward." Hanover Herald, IV/25 (Saturday, December 8, 1838):1.


"'CAREY STATION,' Letter from Rev. Isaac McCoy, Dated Carey, (Ind.) September 19, 1825"  The American Baptist Magazine.  XIV/VI.  New Series.  (February 1826):63-65.

"Account of Monies, &c. received by Rev. Mr. McCoy, for the Carey Station."  The American Baptist Magazine.  XIV/VI.  New Series.  (February 1826):67-68.

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"Indian Missions." The Baptist Encyclopedia.  Edited by William Cathcart.  Rev. ed.  Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1881.
[added:    January 31, 2013]


Carey 251 Birthday Party at William Carey University

    Carey Center Co-directors, Drs. Myron Noonkester (left) and Bennie Crockett (right) and Dr. Tommy King (center), President, are shown with the celebratory 251st William Carey birthday cake.


Aziz-ul Haque, "The Legacy of William Carey," The Sentinel [The Premier English Daily for North East India], (June 9, 2010):sentinelassam.com.

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Carey 250 Page


Roger Hayden, "William Carey: 250 years of mission;" Mark Craig, "Facing a task unfinished;" Edward Williams, "Carey's Bengal legacy," The Baptist Times, (July 15, 2011):8.


William Carey University Awards Doctor of Divinity to Serampore College Principal (May 14, 2011)


One Day Seminar at Serampore College Honoring William Carey's 250th Birth Anniversary (March, 2011)


Release and Presentation at Serampore College of New Book Commemorating William Carey's 250th Birth Year (March, 2011)


Article on William Carey's 225 Birthday Anniversary

    Tommy King.  "Missionary William Carey remembered."  Word & Way (August 9, 1986):9.


Mississippi Baptists' Missionary Identity and Relation to William Carey (July, 2010)


Virtual Serampore (August 2008)

Created by Ronald Ellis, Derby, England, United Kingdom as an outgrowth and extension of his previous outstanding web sites on William Ward, this archive is a photographic and cartographical slide show tour of the Serampore and Calcutta Missions.  Mirroring the web site Virtual Serampore, this site includes images and descriptions of all the major Serampore sites associated with Carey, Marshman, and Ward, as well as the missionaries in Calcutta.

The Carey Center gratefully acknowledges Ronald Ellis's creative, wonderfully inspiring, and substantive work for the advancement of knowledge about and collegial vision with the Serampore Trio and the Baptist Missionary Society.


William Carey Welcomes Serampore Relation, Fall 2006


Serampore College Welcomes William Carey University Faculty Member, Fall 2006

This page features Dr. Howard Keever, Professor of Music, William Carey University, who taught music in Serampore College during the fall term of 2006.


Dedication and Opening of Donnell Hall, May 3, 2006

On May 3, 2006, Donnell Hall, the new building housing the Museum and Research Collection of the Carey Center, was dedicated and opened.  The opening exhibit features 116 period artifacts, manuscripts, Serampore Bibles, books, maps, and memorabilia focused on five major areas of Carey's life. 


Jeanna Graves, "Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834) Housed in Donnell Hall," The Magazine of William Carey University, 18/2 (Summer 2006):4-5.


William Carey College -- Jubilee Celebration, 2004-2005

    Jubilee Chapel Celebration, "It's All in a Name"

    Jubilee Lecture Featuring Dr. Lalchungnunga, Principal, Serampore College

    Photos from the Jubilee Lecture Featuring Dr. Lalchungnunga, Principal, Serampore College


Carey Center Museum and Research Collection--Student Interns

This web page catalogs all of the students who have worked in the Carey Center since its inception in 2000.


William Carey Welcomes Serampore Relation, 1970s

Shown in this photograph with Dr. Ralph Noonkester, President, William Carey College, Mr. Banerjee, an employee of Serampore College, served as an administrative intern at William Carey during the 1970s.


Carey Family Association


Educational Institutions Named for William Carey


Churches Named for William Carey


Population, Languages, and Native Christians in India, 1872


European and American Missionary Societies in India, 1872


Missionary Societies' Stations, Bengal, India, 1872

Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta India, a page devoted to Bernard and Freda Ellis, Missionaries to Calcutta, India

Bernard Ellis's Notebook: Memories from the Baptist Mission Press, by Bernard Ellis

Memories of the Baptist Mission Press, by Ronald Ellis

Photographs and Images of Calcutta and the Baptist Mission Press, ca. 1975, by Ronald Ellis

Description of the Baptist Mission Press Illustration in Norman Ellis's Selling Brochure, by Ronald Ellis

Photographs of the Ellis Family, Derby, England, Baptist Missionary Society Missionaries to Calcutta, India


Photographs of William Carey Sites--Serampore and Calcutta, India, by Rev. Peter Shepherd

Friends of Serampore

The Carey Experience

A tour of places in Northamptonshire and North Bucks connected with the life and work of WILLIAM CAREY 1761-1834 with displays and presentations at each site.


The Josephs in India – Vision 500 India

This page recognizes the current Christian outreach ministry of Vision 500 India, led by P. V. Joseph.


Lottie Moon Christmas Emphasis - Rev. Thomas and Gloria Thurman, December 2, 2018

This page archives the Lottie Moon Christmas Message by Rev. Thomas Thurman (retired Southern Baptist missionary along with his wife Gloria to Bangladesh) at Main Street Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA.


William Carey Lecture, October 20, 2008

This page archives the brief lecture that Rev. Thomas Thurman (a retired Southern Baptist missionary to Bangladesh) gave in chapel at William Carey University.  In addition, photographs are included.


"William Carey Bicentenary Celebrations of the Convention of Baptist Churches in Maharashtra, 1992"

Programs High Lights

T. M. Joseph, "William Carey; The Man with the Lord's Mission"

Margaret Joseph, "William Carey: My Real Life Hero"

Program Courtesy, Mrs. Vivian Lott, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA, and

Republication Courtesy, Rev. Vivian Fernandez, Coordinator, Maharashtra Baptist Society, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA


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