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Mr. P. V. Joseph attended Serampore College where he received the B.Th., B.D., and M.Th.  He then came to Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania to start his Ph.D.


Mr. Joseph came from a traditional Hindu family.  When he became a Christian, he realized that he had close connections with the Hindu community, the largest non-Christian community in India.  So, in 1992, he and his family returned to India to minister to the Hindu community around the area where he was born and raised.  His vision then and continues today to build 500 Christian churches in the villages of India.


In 1995, Mr. Joseph bought a sixty-six acre hill in India, and called it Mt. Zion.  Today, Mt. Zion Bible Collegefounded in 2000is the hub of Vision 500 India.  In 2007-2008, ten students will graduate, and each of them will go into a nearby village.  They will continue to receive training as they spread the Christian gospel to native Indians.  Vision 500 India has pastors placed in over twenty villages, and many people have become Christians.  Some have joined with the Vision 500 team, and reach out to their villages and the surrounding areas.


Many people in the United States have embraced P. V. Joseph’s vision.  Churches in the New York and Pennsylvania area support and pray for Vision 500 India.

Join us and the work in India. Every prayer is greatly appreciated.  To contact, Mr. Joseph, click here, and may God bless you as you view some images of Vision 500's ministry in India (Images, courtesy Daya Joseph Patibandla).





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