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in Serampore College


Dr. Howard Keever, Professor of Music, William Carey University, has been a faculty member at Carey since 1985.  He  specializes in music theory and composition, and serves as the program advisor in the Winters School of MusicDuring the fall term of 2006, Keever taught music in the theological college within Serampore College.   Keever's work at Serampore included instruction in music theory and compilation of a Serampore College Hymnbook.  Also, with the faculty at Aizawl Theological College, Mizoram, India, Keever conducted conversations and planning of a curriculum proposal for India's first bachelor of music degree in western music.  A feature article on Keever's work in India appeared in William Carey University's Carey Magazine (Spring 2007).  To read this article, click on the image below:



While in Serampore in August, 2006, Keever captured several significant photographic images.  Included below are some of these photographs with descriptive captions.



            Site of Krishna Pal Baptism             Hooghly River behind College



Old Chapel, Built by Carey, One Block from Serampore College

The site for Serampore College Chapel Each Day and a local Bengali Church on Sundays



             Interior of Old Chapel                      Carey Library and Research Center, 1970s



                                            William Carey's House, 1823-1834



              Serampore College Campus              Carey Day Parade



         Main Building, Serampore College            Student Hostel, Serampore College


Carey's Pulpit



                  William Carey's Tomb                     Joshua Marshman's Tomb     William Ward's Tomb



  Dorothy Carey's         Felix Carey's Tomb


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