Carey 250

Dr. William Carey

August 17, 1761 - June 9, 1834




Carey 250 Schedule at William Carey University


William Carey University Awards Doctor of Divinity to Serampore College Principal


One Day Seminar at Serampore College Honoring William Carey's 250th Birth Anniversary (March, 2011)


Serampore College, Liturgy of Worship Celebration (William Carey's 250th Birth Anniversary)


Release and Presentation at Serampore College of New Book Commemorating William Carey's 250th Birth Year (March, 2011)


Carey 250 Art Exhibition Notice on Google    (PDF of Art Exhibit Notice)    The Cobbler Article about Art Exhibit







Articles in the William Carey University magazine


Bennie R. Crockett, Jr., and Myron C. Noonkester, "The Life and Legacy of William Carey." William Carey University Magazine (Spring 2011).

"Westminster Abbey Lectern," [A Gift in 1949 from the Baptist Missionary Society in Memory of William Carey].  William Carey University Magazine (Summer 2011).

"Carey 250: Celebrating the Life of William Carey," [with Rev. David and Beth Gamston]. William Carey University Magazine (Fall 2011):4-5.



Dedication of William Carey Statue, November 17, 2011


Program, Dedication of the Statue of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834), “Carey Turns to the World”

WCU Celebrates 250th Anniversary of William's Carey's Birth (WCU website news article)

WCU Dedicates Statue of Namesake to Celebrate 250th Birthday (WCU website news article)

Ed Kemp, "William Carey unveils statue of its founder," Hattiesburg American, (November 17, 2011).

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Chapel Program, Celebrating the 250-Year Birth Date of the Father of Modern Missions: William Carey


Articles in the Student Newspaper--The Cobbler, October 26, 2011

Myron C. Noonkester, "Carey’s influences, circumstances deserve consideration," The Cobbler, 56/3 (October 26, 2011):3, 8.

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________, "[Carey] Center offers look into life, work of Carey," The Cobbler, 56/3 (October 26, 2011):6.


William Carey Celebrates 250th Birthday Anniversary


William Carey's 250th birthday celebration occurred at William Carey University on the first day of fall classes, August 22, 2011.  A thematic cake was presented, and a newly-acquired Grosvenor Prints, 1813 lithograph of Dr. Carey and His Brahmin Pundit was unveiled.


Carey 250 Birthday Party Announcement




Dr. Carey's 250th

Birthday  Cake

Detail 3

Detail 6

Candle Ceremony, Students

Carey Center, Co-Directors on Dr. Carey's Birthday

Detail 1

Detail 4

Dr. Noonkester Introduces

the Birthday Celebration

Candle Ceremony, Faculty

Portrait Unveiling

Detail 2

Detail 5

Dr. Noonkester Describes

250 Candles!

Candle Ceremony, Students

Drs. King, Noonkester, and Crockett

























William Carey University Celebration - News Stories

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        HTML Version (7 pp. with photos)    Scanned Print Version

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Other News Stories about Carey's 250th Birthday Anniversary

"Colourful tribute to pioneer William," Evening Telegraph (September 26, 2011).

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William Carey's 250th Birth Anniversary Celebrated," (September 24, 2011).

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