Jubilee Chapel Celebration -- "It's All in a Name"

November 15, 2004

This special event chapel program focused on 1) the name change of the College from Mississippi Woman's College to William Carey College by action of the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 1954, and 2) the origin and history of the College's alma mater.  Special guests related to the name change of the College included Dr. J. Ralph Noonkester, Dr. Rachel Monk Caldwell, and Mr. Doyle F. Wheat.

Regarding the origin and history of the College's alma mater, greetings from Ms. Ruth Joan Geiger and Dr. Robert L. Gauldin were read.   Ms. Geiger composed the alma mater text and Dr. Gauldin composed the music.




Jubilee Chapel Program, November 15, 2004

        Votes to Change and Rename the College, 1954-1955



The 1954 Name Change to William Carey College


Dr. J. Ralph Noonkester's Remarks

President, William Carey College, 1956-1989

President Emeritus, 1989-present


Dr. Rachel Monk Caldwell's Remarks

Mississippi Woman's College Alumna, B.A., 1953


Mr. Doyle F. Wheat's Remarks

William Carey College Alumnus, B.S., 1958

Trustee, William Carey College



William Carey College Alma Mater:  Origin and History    


Ms. Ruth Joan Geiger's Greetings

William Carey College Alumna, B.A., 1962

Alma Mater Text Author

Alma Mater Text


Dr. Robert L. Gauldin's Greetings

MusicTheory Faculty Member, William Carey College, 1958-1963

Alma Mater Tune Author



Photographs from the Event





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