William Carey College Jubilee Celebration



Jubilee Events


January 24, 2004

Homecoming 2004--Alumni Luncheon Remarks

Ms. Barbara Hamilton, Executive Assistant to the President and Grant Writer



August 22, 2004

"Dr. Carey's College"

The Carey Center's co-directors, Dr. Bennie R. Crockett, Jr., and Dr. Myron C. Noonkester, presented an interactive lecture on William Carey's life, ongoing influence, and rationale for William Carey College's identity.



October 14, 2004

"William Carey College Thanks Mississippi Baptists and Celebrates its Jubilee, 1954-2004"

For this issue of The Baptist Record, the official news journal of the Mississippi Baptist Convention, William Carey College was featured in a special insert that focused on the College's history, ongoing identity, and partnership with Mississippi Baptists.



October 26, 2004

William Carey College Thanks Mississippi Baptists

At the annual meeting of the Mississippi Baptist Convention, William Carey College hosted a reception for all Mississippi Baptists as a way of saying thank you for the Convention's longstanding support and friendship over the last fifty years.  Coordinated and hosted by Ms. Barbara L. Hamilton, Executive Assistant to the President and Grant Writer, the reception was held in the Christian Life Center, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi.



November 15, 2004

Jubilee Chapel Celebration--"It's All In A Name"

President Emeritus Dr. J. Ralph Noonkester and alumni, Dr. Rachel Monk Caldwell and Mr. Doyle Wheat, recalled events surrounding the 1954 naming of the College, "William Carey College."  Special greetings were sent by Dr. Robert Gauldin, composer for the College's alma mater, and by alumna Ms. Ruth Joan Geiger, author of the alma mater's text.



Winter 2004-2005

The Carey Magazine, Volume 46, Number 2, pp. 4-5

These two pages focused on the College's Jubilee Celebration, and contain similar information to The Baptist Record insert.



January 20, 2005

A Candle in the Dark

The department of student activities, led by Ms. Audrey Morgan, featured the film about William Carey, A Candle in the Dark, in Wilkes Hall.  The Carey Center's co-directors, Drs. Crockett and Noonkester led a discussion related to Carey and the film's interpretation of Carey's life.



January 22, 2005

A Walk in his Shoes

At the College's annual Homecoming event, the department of theatre and communication produced A Walk in his Shoes, a new docu-drama interpretation of William Carey's life written by Ms. Shannon Robert, associate professor of theatre and communication.

Program Front Cover        Credits:  Author, Director, Producer, Cast, and Crews        Program Back Cover



March 21, 2004

Jubilee Lecture--"William Carey and Serampore College"

The highlight of all Jubilee events, Dr. Lalchungnunga, Principal of Serampore College, delivered this lecture.  This was the first time that a principal of Serampore College has visited William Carey College, and both institutions anticipate a continual partnership in education, missions, and service.


Jubilee Committee Members

Dr. Bennie R. Crockett, Jr., Chair

    Professor of Philosophy and Religion

    Co-Director, Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834)

    Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning


Dr. Daniel P. Caldwell

    Associate Professor of Religion

    Dean, Cooper School of Missions and Biblical Studies

    Vice President of Church Relations


Dr. Cloyd L. Ezell, Jr.

    Professor of Mathematics

    Vice President of Academic Affairs


Ms. Barbara L. Hamilton

    Executive Assistant to the President and Grant Writer


Dr. Tommy King

    Professor of Psychology

    Vice President of Graduate Programs


Dr. Myron C. Noonkester

    J. Ralph Noonkester Professor of History

    Co-Director, Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834)

    Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Sciences


Dr. Stacy R. Reeves

    Assistant Professor of Education


Ms. Diane Taylor

    Administrative Assistant for Development and External Relations


Ms. Donna Wheeler

    Director of Alumni Relations


Ms. Melinda Winstead

    Instructor in Study Skills and Humanities

    Academic Coordinator, Student Support Services





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