Bengali Hymnody, William Carey, 

and the Serampore Mission



Some Bengali Hymns by William Carey (click here for background image of a Carey Bengali hymn)


"William Carey's Bengali Hymnody"

    Courtesy, Rev. Dr. Dipankar Haldar

    Associate Professor of New Testament

    Theology Department, Serampore College, Serampore, India



Bengali Hymn by Krishna Pal, Carey's first Hindu Convert to Christianity

Descriptions of Krishna Pal's Hymn "O Thou My Soul, Forget No More"




Tarachund—Bengali Hymn Writer

"Foreign Intelligence.  Baptist Mission.  Missionary College at Serampore."  The Christian Herald.  Vol. VI.  (New York: Published by John Gray, 1819), pp. 619-620, "Tarachund, a Hindoo of the writer cast, converted by reading the New Testament in Bengalee, without an instructor, is said to be an excellent poet; a great part of the Bengalee hymns in the Serampore hymn-book are his composition."



Liturgy of Worship Service Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of William Carey's Birth

Serampore College, Serampore, India

March 3, 2011


          Serampore College, Worship Celebration (William Carey's 250th Birth Anniversary) 5 pp.

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