Royal Society of Agriculture and Botany

Winter Show

Public Exposition

Ghent, Belgium

50th Jubilee Anniversary, 1834




In 1834, William Carey contributed to the Fiftieth Public Exposition of the Royal Society of Agriculture and Botany, Ghent, Belgium.


Carey's botanical contributions, Illicium Floridanum (a second rendering, a third rendering) and Diosma alba, appear on p. 3 as items 143 and 144.  (To view this page and all other linked pages on this page, please use both the vertical and horizontal scroll bar on your browser.) 


Other notable contributors included:


John Quincy Adams (p. 1, items 20-21)

    Former President of the United States of America


Henry Clay (p. 4, items 184-185)

    Congressman, United States of America


Pierre Joseph Redoute (p. 27, items 1935-1936)

    Famous French Botanical Painter (click on the links below for some of his work related

    to flowers in India)

    Rosa Indica.  Rosa des Indes jaune

    Bengale The hymenee

    Rosa Indica.  Grande Indienne

    Rosa lutea et Rosa Indica



Nathaniel Wallich (p. 41, items 2913-2914)

    Superintendent of the Indian Botanic Garden, Calcutta, India

    Friend of and Co-contributor with William Carey to William Roxburgh's Flora Indica


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