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Dedication Remarks


Dedication and Opening of Donnell Hall

May 3, 2006



Mr. Robert Donnell

I echo Linda’s thanks to each of you for being here to share with us this special occasion.  And double thanks to you, Dr. Crockett and Dr. Noonkester for all of your work.


We are indeed flattered to be a very small part of such a wonderful endeavor as the Center for the Study of the Life and Work of William Carey.  We also feel more than just a little self-conscious with our name emboldened for the world to see.  But, we have observed others through the years that we admire greatly who have supported this fine institution and decided that we could follow in their footsteps.


In our younger years, we were fortunate to have been members of the same church with many of the supporters whose names are on buildings across the campus.  The Ross family brought us to town; Dr. and Mrs. Green, Milton and Donna Wheeler, Bobbie and Betty Chain and Ollie and John Thomas were all friends.  And, who can say enough about the generosity of Dumas and Lorena Smith, who were friends and mentors. 


There are several generations represented here today—those who have benefited from the generosity of others in the past and maybe some who will benefit in the future.  Linda and I have reached the autumn of our lives and now have four wonderful grandchildren.  This makes us concerned about the challenges of the tomorrows and for those who will follow.


From the Bible we get “we should fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Cor. 4:18).


This building will stand but for a generation or two, but maybe the influence of this school and the study that will occur in this facility will influence those that will make a difference in God’s kingdom for an eternity.


Again, we feel that being a part of the Carey College family is a great compliment.  We are more than honored to be a part of an institution with the motto of “Expect great things from God; Attempt great things for God,” and to have our name associated with such a missions giant as William Carey. 


Thank you.

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