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Beyond Expectation

William Carey Revealed . . . 

“Expect great things; attempt great things.”


—William Carey, October, 1792


William Carey (1761-1834) is famous as founder of the modern missionary movement.  He lived according to the motto "Expect great things; attempt great things."


This premier exhibit, which contains the most comprehensive collection of rare Carey items yet displayed, reinterprets Carey’s achievement.  It reveals how Carey's expectations and attempts surpassed even his reputation as a pioneering missionary.  


The versatility of Carey's life and the comprehensiveness of his work challenge us to reflect upon the demands of Christian service in five ways.  Carey was indeed a great missionary.  But he was, no less significantly, a linguist, Bible translator, scientist and social reformer. 


In these varied yet related endeavors, Carey journeyed beyond expectation.

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