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Center for Study of the Life and Work of

William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834)



Monday Friday, 1-5 PM

Guided Tours by Request

Acknowledgment of Dr. Larry W. Kennedy

President, William Carey College


The Carey Center's co-directors gratefully acknowledge the longtime friendship and interest of Dr. Larry Kennedy, President.  An enthusiastic supporter of the Carey Center project since its inception in the summer of 2000, Dr. Kennedy helped to insure the Center's long-term success by giving it a prominent place in the institution's annual planning process and by engaging the College's board of trustees in the development of and appreciation for the Center.


Although Dr. Kennedy has had health problems, the co-directors are especially grateful that he was able to tour Donnell Hall on opening day, May 3, 2006. 


Dr. Larry Kennedy

In Memoriam

Dr. Larry Kennedy

Mrs. Sarah Kennedy


Dr. Larry Kennedy, far right, on the occasion of the College's Jubilee,

March, 2005



Carey Center Co-Directors, Myron Noonkester and Bennie Crockett stand with Dr. Lalchungnunga, Principal, Serampore College

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