Baptist Missionary Society

the original name of the society was:


"Particular Baptist Society for the Propagation 

of the Gospel Amongst the Heathen"

In 1792, Carey published an eighty-seven page manuscript, popularly known as his "Enquiry."  The book contains an introduction, and five sections (i.e. chapters).  In part as a result of this book, the "Particular Baptist Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Amongst the Heathen" (later renamed the Baptist Missionary Society) formed itself in the home of Mrs. Beeby Wallis (the Widow Wallis House), Kettering, England, on October 2, 1792.  

In attendance were fourteen people, including  William Carey, Leicester; John Ryland, Northampton; Reynold Hogg, Thrapstone; John Sutcliff, Olney; Andrew Fuller, Kettering; Abraham Greenwood, Oakham; Edward Sharman, Cottisbrook; Samuel Pearce, Birmingham; Joseph Timms, Kettering; Joshua Burton, Foxton; Thomas Blundel, Arnsby; William Heighton, Roade; John Ayres, Braybrook; and William Staughton, Bristol; the last of whom was a theological student at Bristol Academy (history, p. 1 and history, p. 2), now known as (Bristol Baptist College), Bristol, England.  Fuller was elected Secretary of the Society, and Hogg, the treasurer.

In support of the new Missionary Society, a total of 13, 2s. 6d. was donated; in addition, 1 from the sale of Carey's Enquiry in Kettering was designated for the Society's work.

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"An Account of the Particular Baptist Society for Propagating the Gospel Among the Heathen;

Including a Narrative of the Its Rise and Plan; With a Short Address earnestly recommending

this benevolent Design."  In The Baptist Annual Register, for 1790, 1791, 1792, and Part of 1793,

ed. John Rippon (London, 1793).  Pp. 371-378, 485.


Periodical Accounts Relative to the Baptist Missionary Society.  Vol. 1.  Clipstone: Printed by J. W. Morris, 1800.  Pp. 1-32.


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House in which the Society was Established in 1792

Mrs. Beeby Wallis owned this house in Kettering, England.  William Carey and thirteen other persons met on October 2, 1792, and formed the BMS.


Baptist Missionary Society's 50th Anniversary Medal

Reverse Side Detail

    This 1842 medal commemorates the establishment of the BMS in 1792.  

    On the obverse side, the top reads, "Baptist Mission Jubilee 1842."  The description at the bottom reads, "The House at Kettering in Which the Baptist Missionary Society Was Formed Oct 2nd 1792."  To view a color picture of this house, click here.

    On the reverse side, the circular statement reads, "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord.  Zech. c. 4, v. 6."  The clockwise portraits are of William Carey, Andrew Fuller, Samuel Pearce, John Sutcliff, and John Ryland.  


John Fenwick. ["The Origin and Progress of the Baptist Missionary Society."]  Newcastle Upon Tyne: Emerson Charnley, 1843.


Baptist Missionary Society's 50th Anniversary Collecting Card for Children


Baptist Missionary Society's Centenary Medal

    This 1892 medal commemorates the establishment of the BMS in 1792.

    On the obverse side, the top reads "Baptist Missionary Centenary, 1792-1892."  At the bottom, the description reads, "The House at Kettering in Which the Baptist Missionary Society Was Formed Oct 2nd 1792."  To view a color picture of this house, click here.

    On the reverse side, the circular names are "Carey, Fuller, Ward, Marshman."  The four circular portraits depict India, Africa, China, and the West Indies.  The West Indies portrait includes a reference to "Emancipation." 


Baptist Missionary Society Homes Between 1842 and 1892


How Great the Need!  Baptist Missionary Society, 1892


Baptist Missionary Society 150th Anniversary Celebration Stamp Issues


Rev. William Ward Stamp Issued for 150th Anniversary of the Baptist Missionary Society     


Baptist Missionary Society's Bicentennial Anniversary Plate

This 1992 plate commemorates the establishment of the BMS in 1792; to view the Widow Wallis House in detail, click here.


Baptist Missionary Society's Bicentennial History (book front cover)

For a description of this publication, click here to view the inside front and back cover of the book.


Baptist Missionary Society Sesquicentennial Lectern

The BMS donated a hand carved lectern to Westminster Abbey, Westminster, England, in 1949, commemorating the sesquicentennial of the BMS, which Carey helped to establish.  The lectern stands near the High Altar.  By kind permission of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey, the following links provide photograph images of the lectern:


Full Vertical View of Lectern   

"Attempt Great Things" 1            "Attempt Great Things" 2    

BMS Gift Inscription 1                BMS Gift Inscription 2


William Carey Lectern (VERY LARGE video file) in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, England

(N.B.  the official name of this church is The Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster)


Baptist Missionary Society, World Mission

This is a link to the home page of the BMS of today, located in Didcot, Oxfordshire, England.


Baptist Missionary Society Description on MUNDUS

In 1827, the Serampore missionaries and the Baptist Missionary Society in London agreed to a separation from each other.  This development occurred after a dispute over several issues: 1) the monies--separate from BMS support--earned by the Serampore missionaries, 2) the management of Serampore College, which had been established by the missionaries, and 3) the monetary support for the missionary stations established by the Serampore missionaries.  John Dyer, the BMS Secretary, and Joshua Marshman both signed the document.  As a result of the separation, the BMS and the Serampore missionaries operated as "two distinct and independent missionary bodies," and accounts of their missionaries were reported separately in the 1832 volume, The Origin and History of Missions, by Thomas Smith and John O. Choules.  Supported by large donations from contributors in Great Britain, the Serampore missionaries had twenty missionary stations in India, and the BMS had about ten in 1830.  Prior to William Carey's death in 1834, the Serampore mission and the BMS reconciled their dispute.  For the Baptist Missionary Society's report of this incident, click here.

In 1892, the Baptist Missionary Society celebrated its centennial.  Part of that celebration included the publication of The Centenary Volume of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1792-1892.  In the "Appendix," lists of missionaries sent out by the BMS, 1793-1892, are presented; the countries, areas, and continents represented are: India, the Orissa Mission, the Java and Sumatra Mission, Ceylon, China, Japan, Africa, Jamaica, Other West Indian Islands, Honduras, Belize, and Europe.  Click on the pages below to see the missionaries the BMS sent to India.

Baptist Missionary Society

Missionaries to India


Page 313 Page 314 Page 315 Page 316 Page 317

The last chapter, written by Edward Bean Underhill, LL.D., is titled, "Bible Translation."  To view this BMS sponsored history of Bible translation, including the work of William Carey and his colleagues at Serampore, click here.

A list of languages and discussion into which Matthew 4:16 was translated into various Eastern languages was published in Quarterly Papers, No. 16 (October 1825) in News from Afar or Missionary Varieties; Chiefly Relating to The Baptist Missionary Society, 4th ed. (London: Printed and Published for the Society, 1830), pp. 61-64.    Page 61    Pages 62    Page 63    Page 64


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