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*Applegarth, Margaret T. Lamplighters Across the Sea: A Story Study Book for Juniors. West Medford, Mass.: Central Committee on the United Study of Foreign Missions, 1920.

*Carver, Saxon Rowe. The Shoe-Leather Globe: A Life of William Carey, illus. by Paul Granger. Nashville: Broadman Press, c. 1965.

*Clinton, Iris. Young Man in a Hurry. Cambridge, England: Lutterworth Press, c. 1961.

*Cook, Franklin.  Carey: The story of William Carey pioneer missionary to India.  Kansas City, Missouri: Nazarene Publishing House, 1967.

*Cule, W. E.  The Bells of Moulton; The Story of the Baptist Missionary Society for Young People.  London: The Carey Press, 1942. 

*________.  The Bells of Moulton; The Story of the Baptist Missionary Society for Young People.  London: The Carey Press, 1943.

*Dalton, L. H. "'Young Man--Sit Down!' Carey of India, 1761-1834," in On Trail with the Redskins and Other True Stories. Eagle Omnibus Number 3. London: Edinburgh House Press, 1956.

Dalton acknowledges the biographies written by S. Pearce Carey and F. Deaville Walker.

--Myron C. Noonkester

*___________. "Young Man-Sit Down!" (William Carey of India). Eagle Books, No. 13. By L. H. Dalton Author of The Man with One Thumb. New York: Friendship Press, 1944.

*Dr. Scudder's Tales for Little Readers, about the Heathen.  New York: American Tract Society, 1849.

*Duff, Rev. Dr. [Alexander].  Charlotte, the Hindoo Orphan, and Other Tales from the East.  London: Religious Tract Society, [n.d.].

*Egermeier, Elsie E. Boy's Stories of Great Men. Anderson, Indiana: The Warner Press, 1947.

The ninth chapter, "The Boy Who Translated the Bible into Many Languages," is devoted to Carey.  Egermeier reports that Carey had the pleasure of seeing "the whole Bible" printed in "six different languages" and some parts of it printed in thirty-four languages (p. 106).

-Myron C. Noonkester

*Hubble, Gwenyth, and Ernest A. Payne.  William Carey: The Man, His Message, and His Methods (Study Outlines).  London: Baptist Missionary Society, n.d.

This short pamphlet contains twelve outlines for use at "Summer Schools, and by the . . . Girls' Auxiliary . . . Young People's Fellowships, etc., and to individuals who are interested in the subject" (p. 3).  Each outline highlights an important aspect of Carey's life (i.e. "The Plodder," "The Botanist," "The Friend," "The Christian," "The Enquiry," "The Sermon," "The Missionary," "Translator of the Bible," The Christian Settlement," "Training Indian Leaders," "Social Reform," and "World-Wide Planning").  Each outline also includes scripture texts and questions (for reflection) assigned to be studied alongside the narrative.

The authors compare Carey, "The Botanist," to Albert Schweitzer and note that Carey allowed himself a sole luxury in his subscription to the botanical magazine Curtis (p. 8).  Of Carey's Enquiry, the authors state, "There is in the Enquiry no denominational bias, no appeal to fear, no lurid picturing of the 'perishing heathen.'  The dominant thought is the extension of Christ's Kingdom; the keynote is 'Obligation.'" (p. 15).

-Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

*Jones, Percy. William Carey. The New Missionary Series. London: Morgan and Scott, [1920].

*__________. Another Edition, New York: George H. Doran, s. n.

* Kiefer, James S. and Velma B.  The Shoemaker Who Gave India the Bible: The Story of William Carey.  Illustrated by Adrian Beerhorst.  Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1964.

Kyles, David. Two Ends of a Rope: The Story of William Carey Shoemaker and Apostle Told to Young People. Stirling: Stirling Tract Enterprise, 1920, 1960.

*Marshman, Joshua.  School Dialogues; or, Lessons on the Commandments and the Way of Salvation.  To Which is Added A Dialogue on Reading.  London: The Religious Tract Society, n.d.

*Meloche, Renee Taft.  William Carey: Bearer of Good News.  Illustrated by Bryan Pollard.  In Heroes for Young Readers.  Seattle, Wash.: YWAM Publishing, 2002.

*Serrell, Jeanne M.  Great Missionaries for Young People.  New York: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1922.

Serrell includes short biographies of David Livingstone, Marry Slessor, Francois Coillard, John G. Paton, William Carey, Adoniram Judson, and Hudson Taylor.

- Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

*Titterington, Sophie Bronson.  The Story of a Cobbler.  In Tropic Land Series.  Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society, 1892.

*"William Carey, 1763 [sic] - 1834, Type of the Missionary as an Educator, Pioneer to India."  In Undenominational Missionary Studies for the Sunday School.  Edited by George Harvey Trull.  Philadelphia: The Sunday School Times Co., 1904; pp. 30-37.


*Wilkinson, Henrietta T. The Mystery of Missions. Richmond: The Covenant Life Curriculum, 1965.


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