The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register

for British India and its Dependencies


For August, 1823

Vol. XVI


Printed for Kingsbury, Parbury, and Allen, Booksellers

to the Hon. East India Company


Sponsored by The East India Company and published between 1816 and 1829, this journal chronicles various literary, philosophical, political, economic, and cultural developments in British India.  Organized according to the political divisions of India, the journal reported news about people, including births, marriages, deaths, civil and ecclesiastical appointments, passengers on ships, maritime trade, military appointments, promotions, furloughs, etc. Some British colonies from Africa to China also receive occasional notice.

Of importance in the August, 1823, issue is the death notice concerning Rev. William Ward, one of the Serampore Trio.  Click on the links below for page images of the Journal:


  Journal Cover Table of Contents 
Obituary List, p. 192  Ward Obituary, p. 193 (bottom left column)


To view Ward's Memoir, click here.

To view Ward's anthropological study of India, click here.

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