Art Education

Students interested in a degree program that will meet teacher licensure requirements must be advised by faculty in both the Department of Art and the School of Education. Teacher education policies and procedures, outlined in the School of Education section of the catalog, must be followed.

The minor concentration will be in education.

Art Core

Art History 12 hours (including Art History I and II)
Drawing 6 hours (B.A.)
2D/3D Design (ART 108, ART 109) 6 hours
Computer Graphics (ART 254) 3 hours
Painting (ART 131) 3 hours
Printmaking (ART 351, or ART 352, or ART 451) 3 hours
Photography (ART 215) 3 hours
Senior Seminar (ART 461) 3 hours


Art in the Elementary School (ART 319) 3 hours
Art in the Secondary School (ART 320) 3 hours
6 hours of upper level art courses

Education minor

Introduction and Foundations of Education (EDU 300) 3 hours
Pre-teaching Field Experience (EDU 300.1) 0-1 hour
Survey of the Exceptional Child (EDU 372) 3 hours
Classroom Management (EDU 436) 3 hours
Tests, Measurements, and Evaluation (EDU 450) 3 hours
Directed Teaching in Special Subject Areas (EDU 496) 9 hours
Teaching in the Secondary School (EDU 446) 3 hours
Adolescent Psychology (PSY 203) 3 hours
Educational Psychology (PSY 204) 3 hours