The Master of Arts in History program is designed to uniquely focus on the development of empires in world history. This advanced program is meticulously crafted to engage high-achieving students with the intricate historiographical and methodological aspects of imperial studies. Through rigorous coursework, critical analysis of primary sources, and comprehensive research skills training, students are poised to excel in their specific areas of interest. The culmination of this academic journey involves the successful defense of a thesis, preparing graduates for further doctoral studies, teaching roles at community colleges, and a variety of other professional pathways in both academic and non-academic settings.

Program Overview


The program requires the completion of 30 credit hours encompassing graduate history coursework and a thesis. The coursework includes a mandatory course on Empires and Imperialisms, with flexibility in choosing between a focus on pre-modern or modern empires for the remaining hours.

Delivery Method

The program is offered entirely online, providing flexibility and accessibility to students from diverse geographic locations. This format allows for a robust learning experience, accommodating the needs of working professionals and international students alike.

Applicant Prerequisites & Requirements

Prospective students must submit a completed graduate application form along with the application fee. Admission criteria include a GPA of 3.0 or higher on undergraduate coursework, 24 undergraduate hours of history courses, a minimum score of 500 on the verbal section of the GRE, a critical writing sample of 10-15 pages, three narrative letters of recommendation from academic references, and final approval by the department's graduate admissions committee.

Career Outlooks

Graduates emerge as highly skilled researchers and writers, equipped with a deep knowledge of historical theories, methodologies, and debates. Their proficiency in conducting original, graduate-level research and their ability to engage with foreign language sources prepare them for a wide range of careers, including advanced academic research, community college teaching, and various positions beyond the traditional academic sphere.

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