Welcome to the Master of Arts (M.A.) in English program, where academic rigor meets Christian values to inspire students from all backgrounds to reach their highest potential in scholarship. Our program expands upon the undergraduate curriculum, offering in-depth studies in language, literature, composition theory and practice, literary theory and criticism, literary history, cultural studies, creative writing, and diverse texts. With a focus on writing precision, effectiveness, and fluency, students are equipped for advanced bibliographical study and research techniques, critical reading, and appreciation of global literatures. The M.A. in English prepares students for a myriad of careers, including doctoral research, college teaching, publishing, professional writing, library work, government service, law, and ministry, through a curriculum that balances theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Program Overview


The M.A. in English requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate work, offering both thesis (24 hours of coursework plus 6 hours of thesis) and non-thesis (30 hours of coursework) options for flexibility and tailored research opportunities.

Delivery Method

This fully online program offers unparalleled flexibility and accessibility, allowing students to pursue their studies from anywhere while maintaining personal and professional commitments.

Applicant Prerequisites & Requirements

  • A minimum of 15 undergraduate English credits, including 9 upper-level credits, with a GPA of over 3.0, excluding general education courses.
  • A GRE combined score of 293 (or 850 on the old scale), with probationary admission possible for scores above 291 (or 800 on the old scale) and an undergraduate GPA of over 3.5.
  • A critical writing sample in MLA format (10-15 pages).
  • Three narrative letters of recommendation.
  • 12 credit hours or intermediate-level proficiency in a modern foreign language, to be fulfilled during the program if not already completed.

Career Outlooks

Graduates are well-prepared for diverse careers in academia, research, publishing, professional writing, library science, government, law, and ministry. The program's rigorous training in research, writing, and critical thinking skills opens doors to doctoral studies, community college teaching, and beyond.

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