The purpose of William Carey’s doctoral program in Higher Education Administration is to prepare candidates to be successful leaders in post-secondary institutions through visionary planning, strategic utilization of resources, effective management and leadership, and practical application of research. Both Ed.D. and Ph.D. tracks are available, depending on students’ career desires.

Program Overview


If students have already completed a Specialist in Higher Education Administration (36 credit hours, including 6 hours of Field Research Project), the doctoral program requires 33 credit hours for Ed.D. candidates and 39 credit hours for Ph.D. candidates, both including 12 hours for the dissertation portion.

Direct admission to the program following an acceptable master’s degree consists of a minimum of 69 credit hours for Ed.D. candidates and 72 credit hours for Ph.D. candidates, both including 12 hours for the dissertation.

Delivery Method

Classes are offered in a combination of in-person, online, and hybrid formats, making it ideal for the working student who wants to take their education to the next level. William Carey uses Canvas as the learning management system for online coursework.

Applicant Prerequisites & Requirements

Prospective students must:

Complete an online application & pay application fee

Hold a master’s degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 from an accredited institution

Submit official copies of all transcripts to Graduate Admissions via eScript or mailed from the institution

Provide two recommendations from past or current supervisors and a current curriculum vitae

Complete an oral interview

Submit official quantitative, verbal, and written scores on the GRE

Career Outlooks

The Ed.D. track prepares students for careers in Educational Leadership, while the Ph.D. track prepares students to pursue careers in Research and Teaching.


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