2012-2013 Point System

Hosting/sponsoring an event 250
Setting up any event 100
Cleaning up any event 100
Having an Intramurals team
*Must have at least 5 members involved
Helping with an SGA event
*Must turn in a sign-up sheet involving task and the members helping with the Entertainment Commissioner
Attending a sports event
*Have to own organization at game
T-shirts, signs, etc. (at least 25% must attend)
Attending dorm meeting/events 10
Booth at Activities Fair 25
Any Community Service

  • i.e. teams for Relay for Life, American Heart Walk, Disaster Relief
  • car wash
  • blood donation 10 points per member

*Every part of the points request form must be filled out and the advisor must sign all for it to be valid.

Turn forms into the Student Activities Office. If it’s locked, slide it under the door. Forms must be turned in before points are given.