Undergraduate Secondary Education Program

Spring 2013 - Program Rating -Student Teaching - Earned Score 2 Stars

A high quality student teaching experience depends on:

  1. Sufficient feedback as defined by five or more observations with written feedback provided at regular intervals;
  2. Clear communication to school districts that cooperating teachers must be strong mentors of adults and highly effective instructors, and
  3. The capacity of the program to play an active role in the selection of cooperating teachers, as evidenced by its solicitation of substantive nominating information.

While the program requires observations to be spaced at regular intervals and asserts its critical role in the selection of cooperating teachers, it only partly meets this standard because it does not provide student teachers with written feedback after five or more observations and does not clearly communicate to school districts the desired characteristics of cooperating teachers.

Rejoinder to Spring 2013 Program Rating

The Clinical Experiences for the Secondary Education program are designed under four components:

  • Clinical Field Experience I
  • Clinical Field Experience II
  • Clinical Field Experience III.

The analysis of the Secondary Education Clinical Experience report is found at the following link: Undergraduate Teacher Education - Secondary Education Programs.


William Carey University's School of Education participated in the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Redesign of Teacher Preparation Programs. The following report outlines the School of Education's redesign implementation plan.

Link to Memorandum of Understanding with School Districts

Link to Analysis of Field Experience and Clinical Practice Elementary and Secondary Programs

Link to Teacher Internship Assessment Instrument (TIAI) Data Analysis Report - Instructional Effectiveness and Classroom Management

Link to EDU 484 Secondary Education (Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Social Sciences - Student Teaching (Internship)

Link to EDU 496  Special Subject Areas (Art Education K-12, Music Education K-12, Physical Education K-12 - Student Teaching (Internship)

Link to The School of Education Internship Handbook Part I The School of Education Handbook Part II

  • Overview of the Internship Program - pages 1-2
  • Undergraduate Intern Personnel - pages 3-6
  • Undergraduate Internship Experience - pages 7-9
  • Evaluation - page 10-19
  • Legal Status for Undergraduate Interns - page 20
  • Professional Dispositions - page 22
  • Undergraduate Intern Schedule - page 23
  • Teacher Intern Assessment Instrument (TIAI) Reference Guide - page 25

Link to The Secondary Field Handbook

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