Undergraduate Secondary Education Program

Spring 2013 - Program Rating - Lesson Planning - Earned Score NR

Rejoinder to Spring 2013 Program Rating


11.1 Identifying technology applications that will boost instruction and how they will do so. Lesson planning moves across the continuum of the Elementary Education program. Lesson planning is developmental and adapts to the pedagogical content curriculum in the elementary schools. Technology and media are incorporated into every lesson plan/unit.

11.2 Anchoring instruction to Common Core State Standards and the 7-12 Mississippi Framework Standards. Teacher candidates use the following anchor documents in designing lesson plans and units.





11.3-11.4-11.5 The following courses are designed to teach the lesson planning process including planning instruction with students with special needs (11.4), English Language Learners (11.3), and extending instruction to student who have demonstrated proficiency in relevant standards (11.5):

  • EDU 446 Secondary Methods Teaching in the Secondary School (3 hours). The study of methods and problems related to teaching in the student's major field. Prerequisite: Admission to teacher education. Link to Syllabus

11.7. Teacher candidates develop written instructional plans whose content follows explicit instructional guidelines throughout the student teaching experience.