Undergraduate Secondary Education Program


Spring 2013 - Program Rating - Selection Criteria - Earned Score 2 stars

The standards for admission into either the institution or its teaching preparation program should select teacher candidates from only the top half of the college population.

The program only partly meets the standard because while it is housed in an institution that is relatively selective, the level of selectivity is not sufficient to ensure that the candidates have the requisite academic talent. The program also does not require that all candidates have a high enough G.P.A. and take an appropriate entrance examination.

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Official Program documents that describe the GPA or standardized test scores applicants must have before entry into the program

  • Teacher Candidate Admission Review - GPA review for Secondary Coursework Content to show Candidate Selectivity. 
  • Admission to William Carey University

  • Admission to the School of Education

    • GPA - 2.75 admission into the School of Education - See Undergraduate Catalog - pages 118-119.
    • C or better in English Composition and English Research and Composition
    • 44 hour core must be completed with an overall 2.75 GPA.
    • Cleared Background Check
    • B or better in EDU 300 Introduction to the Foundations of Education and EDU 301 Field Practicum
    • Passing score on PRAXIS CORE or ACT of 21 or higher with all subscores 18 or higher
    • Overall Cohort GPA must be 3.0 or higher.
    • 2013 Cohort Admission Report (GPA, PRAXIS)
  • Diversity of Teacher Candidates 2013 Admissions - Link to Report