Undergraduate Elementary Education Program


Spring 2013 - Program Rating - Assessment and Data - Earned Score 2 Stars

Using data on student performance has always been central to good instruction.  Teachers should know how to prepare and draw information from an array of assessments, and work individually and in teams to adjust and extend their lessons to promote learning.

The program only partly meets the standard.  It requires that teacher candidates prepare both formative and summative classroom assessments.  However, requirements that candidates, individually and in teams, interpret and apply data from both standardized and classroom assessments are minimal.

Rejoinder to Spring 2013 Program Rating 

12.1 The instructional role of standardized tests, particularly the program state's standardized tests, is addressed.

  • EDU 300 Introduction and Foundations of Education (3 hours) An overview of the teaching profession with emphasis on functions of the school, school policies, school law, and the effects of court decisions on educational practice. Link to Syllabus
  • EDU 450 Tests, Measurements and Evaluation (3 hours) A study of testing, measuring, and evaluating student learning with both criterion referenced and norm referenced assessments.  Admission to Teacher Education. Link to Syllabus

12.2 Teacher candidates are required to prepare formative and summative classroom assessments.

12.3 Individually and in teams, teacher candidates are taught how to interpret and apply data from both standardized and classroom assessments in order to inform instruction.