Tradition Faculty & Staff

Debra Herring

Assistant Professor of Education on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1863

Sandra Husley

Housekeeper for the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1802

Carol Jones

Director of Psychology on the Tradition Campus/Associate Professor of Psychology
(228) 702-1851

Karen Juneau

Chair, Department of Technical Occupational Education on the Tradition Campus/Associate Professor of Education
(228) 702-1865

Angela Jupiter-McCon

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Cherie Langley

Instructor of Nursing
(228) 702-1878

Steve London

Building Mechanic

Bobbie Loveless

Associate Professor of Nursing and Associate Dean of Nursing, Tradition
(228) 702-1827

Monica Marlowe

Chief Advancement Officer - Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1853

Mary Nesbitt

Associate Professor of Nursing on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1870

Philip Pennington

Assistant Professor of Education
(228) 702-1879

Karla Pope

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Department Chair
(228) 702-1834

Eric Reidenbach

Associate Professor of Business
(228) 702 -1857

Becky Robertson

Assistant Registrar on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1814

Lynn Singletary

Associate Professor of Biology on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1880

Jacqueline Smith

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
(228) 702-1825

Heather Sours

Student Account Representative, Business Office Tradition

Richard Strebeck

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counselor Education
(228) 702-1837

Harold Sumners

(228) 702-1802

Philip Turnquist

Associate Professor of Business on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1856

Susan Warner


Norris Williams

Associate Professor of Education on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1860

Tracy Williams

Chair of the Art Department/Assistant Professor of Art on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1844