Tradition Faculty and Staff

Curtis Adams


Gary Blackwell

Assistant Director of Baptist Student Union and Lecturer of Biblical Studies on Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1835

Gerald Bracey

Administrative Dean of the Tradition Campus/Director of Business Services and Recruiting/Lecturer in Business
(228) 702-1802

Mary Beth Breland

Assistant Professor of Language & Literature Tradition & Coordinator for Faculty Exchange/China
(228) 702-1869

Billy Brown

Professor of Business/Associate Dean of Business Programs/Coordinator and Recruiter for the MBA Program on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1854

Lisa Bunn

Academic Administrative Assistant
(228) 702-1848

Kerry Cameron

Assistant Director of Student Marketing and Admissions on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1815

Deborah Chatham

Associate Professor of Nursing on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1871

Karen Cherry-Freeman

Associate Professor of Nursing
(228) 702-1875

Cassandra Conner

Assistant Professor of Education, Tradition
(228) 702-1864

Bernie Cousins

Director of Undergraduate School of Business on the Tradition Campus/Instructor of Business Administration
(228) 702-1847

Cathy Creel

Assistant Director of Financial Aid on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1809

Pamela Crowley

Administrative Assistant for Nursing on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1877

Lisa Cummings

Assistant Professor of Psychology on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1852

Marc Daniels

Associate Professor of Biology on the New Orleans Campus
(228) 702-1846

Robin Dennis

Associate Professor of Nursing & Academic Coordinator for Undergraduate Studies Tradition
(228) 702-1872

Bettye Duhon

Library Assistant on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1887

Lydia Easterling

Administrative Assistant to the Deans on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1802

Bob Ellis

Professor of Business/Coordinator of the Management Information System on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1855

Darlene Emile

Administrative Assistant for the Education Department
(228) 702-1842

Matt Gatlin

Assistant Professor of Nursing
(228) 702-1873

Angela George

Assistant Director of Business Office on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1810

Peggy Gossage

Instructor of Education and Regional Librarian on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1890

Melony Hanson

Assistant Professor of Education

James Harrison

Director of the Tradition Campus Education Program/Assistant Professor of Education
(228) 702-1841