Theatre Major: (Bachelor of Arts) forty-five semester hours including THE 230, 235, 240, 435, 436, and COM 375. No more than six hours of theatre laboratory and/or rehearsal and performance courses may count toward this major. Theatre majors must complete a minor.

  • An emphasis in design requires that 15 hours of the 45 be in the design/technology area (a minimum of nine design/tech hours must be upper level). These students are encouraged to minor in art, history, or philosophy.
  • An emphasis in performance requires that 15 of the 45 hours be in the acting/ dancing/directing area. These students are encouraged to minor in speech communication, English, or psychology.
  • An emphasis in musical theatre requires that MUT 161 and MUM 312, six semester hours of voice, and three semester hours of piano or guitar be taken above the 45 hours (of which 12 hours will be in acting/dance/directing). Any student majoring in theatre must be active in the theatre program of the university during each trimester in residence.

Theatre Minor: Twenty-one hours, of which two to six must be in theatre laboratory.