Student Support Services

“We Help Students Reach Their Academic and Career Goals.”

Student Support Services at William Carey College is 100% Federally funded by a $230,000 grant from the United States Department of Education. The program staffs five(5) full-time employees that are dedicated to helping students succeed in higher education.

“Attitude is the difference between opportunity and obstacle, success and defeat.”

The Student Support Services program has been at William Carey College for over 30 years. The program presently serves 150 students that are either low Income, first generation, or disabled. The goal of the program is to provide motivation, assist students in the attainment of their undergraduate degrees, and facilitate the process of transition from one level of higher education to the next while fostering personal and professional development skills.

To contact us:

710 William Carey Parkway. #181

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Phone: 601-318-6208

Fax: 601-318-6770