Student Refunds

Refunds are issued on Fridays for students with credit balances beginning with Wednesday of the fifth week of the term and continuing every Friday until the end of the term. Financial aid, payments or adjustments must be received in the Hattiesburg Business Office by the cut-off date to be considered for refunds the following week. You may refer to the table below to find the disbursement and cut-off dates for the current school year.

Over are the days of driving to the WCU campus and waiting in long lines for refund checks! It’s now up to you how you get your school-disbursed funds. So what are your choices? You can have your money deposited into an existing checking account, or get it faster with the Higher One WCU Higher One Crusader Card

All students will receive a bright Green envelope in the mail with a Higher One card enclosed.

Students who will receive a refund must indicate their preferred method for receiving funds by logging onto the website appearing on the Higher One Crusader Card received by mail. Refund methods are:

  1. Direct deposit into an existing checking or savings account
  2. Activation of a Higher One Account
  3. Paper Check

If a student fails to log in and make a Refund selection, a paper check will be mailed. The check may be received up to 30 days after the initial refund date of the term.

Refund Dates

Student refunds will be disbursed each trimester according to the dates on the following schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds take at least one week to process; therefore, after the first refund date, refunds will be disbursed every Friday for financial aid or payments that have been received in the Hattiesburg Business Office by the previous Friday. ****

Refunds will be disbursed:

Fall 2015 Disbursement Date
September 23, 2015

Winter 2015 Disbursement Date
December 16, 2015

**Refunds will not be issued the Fridays of December 25, and January 1, due to the Christmas break.

Spring 2016 Disbursement Date
March 30, 2016

Summer 2016 Disbursement Date
July 15, 2016**

**2015-2016 funds will not be available for refund until mid-July.

After the initial refund date for each trimester, the business office will process refunds every Friday except for the weeks specified under each term.