School Staff and Faculty

School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences


Paul Cotten

Professor of Music and Psychology
(601) 318-6416

Charlotte McShea

Professor of Mathematics and Education
(601) 318-6173

Marcus Steele

Professor of Chemistry; Chair, Department of Chemistry and Physics
(601) 318-6532

Shelia Martin

Administrative Assistant/Grades Coordinator
(601) 318-6788

Max Hutchinson

Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(601) 318-6470

Laine Bourdene

Coordinator of ELC, Dual-Credit, and QEP Programs and Services; Instructor of Anthropology
(601) 318-6580

Susan Curry

Assistant Director of Institutional Research
(601) 318-6773


Kelsey Johnson

Secretary for the Keesler Center
(228) 376-8480