One of the most common ways that donors wish to contribute to Carey is by supporting or starting a scholarship. Student scholarships come in two basic forms, restricted and endowed funds.

Restricted Scholarships

Restricted scholarship funds require no minimum investment and are awarded directly to deserving students based on donor-advised criteria. These scholarships provide support to students in the exact amount donated in a given year and are not perpetual in nature. Donors to restricted scholarships must contribute each year in order to maintain a fund.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarship funds require a minimum corpus of $10,000 for establishment using two basic selection criteria OR $15,000 for more specific selection criteria. The corpus of each scholarship is invested with the Mississippi Baptist Foundation and awarded at an estimated 4.5% rate of return from the investment. For example, on average a corpus of $10,000 will produce a $450 scholarship each year. The benefit of endowed scholarships is that they are perpetual in nature and will deliver scholarships to student indefinitely.

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*All university-based scholarships are housed by a selection committee that accepts student applications and determines eligibility of the awards.

For more information on planned giving to William Carey University, contact the Office for Advancement, Dean Pace at 601.318.6542 or