Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival held at WCU

The 6th Annual Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival and the 1st Annual Deep South Dulcimer Competition were held in the Thomas Fine Arts Center at William Carey University February 23-25. Guest dulcimer instructors performed a free concert on February 25 before the evening competition.
The Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival included music education sessions, instructor performances, and opportunities for private lessons with nationally known dulcimer artists. The instructors were Lonnie Brown, mountain dulcimer performer and instructor; Lee Cagle, mountain dulcimer performer; Jess Dickinson, a Mississippi Supreme Court Justice and hammered dulcimer performer; Bruce Ford, founder of, mountain dulcimer performer and multi-instrumentalist; Dan Landrum, editor of Dulcimer Players News magazine and of, and hammered dulcimer performer; Rick Long, bowed psalteries maker and performer; and Bob and Rose Taunton, bass dulcimer, percussion and banjo players who have recorded three CDs.
The Deep South Dulcimer Competition was divided into two categories: hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer. First place winner for the hammered dulcimer was Linda Parker of Rosedale, Ala. First place in the adult mountain dulcimer competition was Bobby Trawick of Pensacola, Fla., and first place in the youth category was Ian Stephen of Hattiesburg.

Rose and Bob Taunton, a husband and wife duet who play bass dulcimer, percussion and banjo, and who have recorded three CDs, were two of the guest instructors at the 6th Annual Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival held at WCU February 23-25.