Lebeuf Sisters Make Home at WCU

Hattiesburg, Miss., September 28, 2012 - Three sisters with roots in Mississippi but parents in Oklahoma have returned to the Magnolia State to attend William Carey University.

The LeBoeuf sisters, including fraternal twins Allie and Sarah, 19, and Madeline, 17, were born and raised in Mississippi but relocated several times to follow their father’s career. Their father, Jeffrey, served as executive director of the Mississippi Osteopathic Medical Association during the formation of WCU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and was instrumental in the formation of the medical college.

Jeffrey and his wife, Ronda, have six children, of which Allie is the oldest.

“I was born two minutes before Sarah, so I’m the oldest,” said Allie, with Sarah grimacing in the background.
“She never lets me forget it, either,” she said.

The three sisters are only half of the LeBoeuf sisters. The other three sisters still live at their parents’ home in Collinsville, Okla., including 13-year-old Olivia, 10-year-old Bridget, and 8-year-old Mary. The three sisters at WCU said the university attracted them because of its strong scholarship program and family atmosphere.
“But, I’m sure the only reason my parents let us come is because there’s a prearranged network of spies here,” said Allie, referencing her father’s connections with the university.

Allie has been at WCU the longest of her sisters, arriving at the beginning of the last school year. She is a Carey Scholar, the highest scholarship level at the university and a distinction that requires a score of 29 or higher on the ACT. She is a sophomore majoring in business.

Sarah arrived at WCU next, coming in spring 2012. She is also a sophomore and is double majoring in piano and organ performance.

Madeline is new to WCU this academic year and is still carving her place. She is a mathematics major with a minor in chemistry. At the age of 17, she is among the youngest in her freshman class, something that made her parents skeptical about her attending college so far from home.

“Allie and Sarah being here and loving it made them OK with the move, though,” she said.
Madeline spends a lot of her free time in WCU’s Student Center, playing pool and working out, she said.
“Her goal before she leaves WCU is to beat everyone at pool,” said Allie.

The sisters are very close to each other and claim they “almost never fight,” even though Allie and Sarah live in the same dorm room in Bass Hall. Madeline also lives close to her sisters in the same building.
“We never really fight,” said Sarah. Her sisters shook their heads in agreement, although Madeline looked a little skeptical.

“Maybe we do just a little,” she said with a smile.

The three sisters have proved to be outstanding students at WCU. Each sister currently has a perfect 4.0 grade point average, something they all intend to keep.

They were homeschooled by their mother and finished high school very early, with Madeline finishing at age 16. Each sister then to started work on their college requirements through concurrent education at colleges near their home in Oklahoma.

The sisters said they love WCU, its faculty and staff, and their fellow students.

“We love all of the people,” said Sarah. “Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to us.”

The sisters have made close connections to the large international student population on the campus as well.
“We have so many friends from Nepal,” said Allie. “We love the varied makeup of the student body here.”

Madeline said WCU is great because her professors are accessible and kind.

“If we need help, the professors are always available,” she said.

The sisters also love Hattiesburg and especially their church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, where they are very active. Allie babysits at the church while Sarah can be found at the church’s organ “as often as she can get there.”

The sisters are already planning their future following their time at WCU. Allie is planning to attending law school while Sarah will work toward her master’s and doctoral degrees in music and teach at universities. Maddie is still deciding on her options but is “pretty sure” she wants to get her master’s in math.
Meanwhile, as their young sisters get closer to college age, Allie has plans for them.

“I plan to have so many LeBoeufs here that we take over,” she said with a laugh.

CUTLINE: The three LeBoeuf sisters, including (from left to right) Sarah, Allie, and Madeline have made their home at William Carey University.