Carey ranked as state's safest campus

YourLocalSecurity ranked William Carey University as the safest campus in Mississippi in its “Safest College Campus by State” report released April 4. 
This is the second #1 safest campus ranking for Carey. In 2016, ranked Carey as the safest college in Mississippi. The university provides 24/7 security and quick responses to emergencies. The SaderWatch notification system keeps students prepared and safe. “The Housing Office staff and Resident Assistants are trained in how to respond to different types of emergencies and student safety is a priority for all university employees,” said WCU President Tommy King.
Using data and statistics from the FBI and U.S. Department of Education, YourLocalSecurity isolated the safest college campus in each state, based on low crime rates and programs designed to provide on-campus protection. These rankings take crimes reported by universities and place them into three main categories: violent crime, property crime, and violence against women. Each crime is weighted by severity to give a total crime score, which is then divided by the school’s enrollment to produce a per-capita score.
YourLocalSecurity, is an online resource where homeowners can get learn more about adding security and automation features to their homes. The Safest College Campus initiative is part of YourLocalSecurity’s larger goal of helping people and communities protect their personal safety and peace of mind. As an ADT affiliate, YourLocalSecurity offers products and services to help people take control of protecting their families and property. 
“Personal safety is a major concern for many prospective students when considering where to attend college,” said Greg Jensen, safety director for YourLocalSecurity. “That’s why we wanted to provide the first comprehensive list ranking colleges by state, and not just on a national level.” By breaking down statistics on a state level, YourLocalSecurity helps prospective students who are only considering certain states for college. 
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